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The Sanctuary is the premiere DAO, rebrand, & de-rug launchpad on Solana. Our community works in service of creating a healthier & more fair ecosystem.

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Sanctuary is a cultural structure created to house and form independent DAO’s by joining, building, and reconnecting community. The overall purpose is to create a broad and very inclusive community. We prioritize simplicity, honest, and transparency while providing a resource for people who are victims of projects that have rugged or abandoned their efforts.

Our community works in service of creating a cultural agreement that prioritizes people over profit and community over individual greed.

This work has given us a unique & studied perspective on how to make NFT-based DAOs uniquely effective and efficient at both collective action and fundraising.


NFT DAO Launchpad

To date we've launched over a dozen NFT DAOs on Solana. Our services include legal incorporation, filing, and on-chain setup. We can provide all necessary advisory and technical support on virtually any topic related to Solana DAOs, on-chain solutions, NFT minting strategy, and how to build your NFT DAO in the most effective manner possible.

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Derug & Royalty Assistance

We're the most experienced de-rug team in the entire Solana Ecosystem. Our process ensures that your project's new wallets are rug-proof and secure to the full extent of the law. Whether you need a royalties update, a flag removed from Magic Eden, an art upgrade, or need advise on how to negotiate a take-over, we've done it all — from stealth mint to blue-chip.

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NFT Art Upgrades

Our technology allows for seamless art upgrades & re-mints. It is also possible to ensure that the holder retains both versions of the art without inflating the supply, or, you can choose to burn it. If you're looking to get your 2D collection ready for the metaverse, we've also developed a custom 2D to 3D render pipeline for Blender. 2D, pixel, 3D, we've done it all.

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Sanctuary's Articles

This is not a Post-Mortem

Just over nine (9) months ago a small band of rug victims united under a simple goal; to undo the harm from various ruggers to a myriad of communities and create a path to reclamation and value via a supportive DAO. We wanted to combine our collective experience not just as a development, creative and business team, but as rug victims ourselves to give people hope.

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Sanctuary FAQ

Do I have to remint my original NFT?

No, the Reloader is an entirely participatory process. This means you can wait to Reload your NFT until you're sure of the value-add it provides. The things your DAO builds will only benefit Reloaded versions, though.

Keep in mind that some collections may delist the original versions as they still send royalties to ruggers, this means you will have to reload to sell, but, until you're ready to sell, there isn't necessarily a need to do so.

How do we begin the Reload/Remint process?

Submit the project Reload form HERE. We review these on a case by case basis. With a very limited staff and resources we can only assist or handle a few projects.


We possess the tools, resources, and refined expertise that come with performing a task over time. There are, currently, no projects that compete with our unique toolset, experience, and guidance when it comes to Solana NFTs and Solana DAOs. We are on the cutting edge of technology, and, have a strong organizational ethos directed towards community empowerment and decentralization.

Read our about page for more information on the problems we solve, our milestones, and our team.

The Reloader and Realms DAO Tools

The two main service the Sanctuary has available to offer your DAO are

The Reloader: Remints the collection with new meta data, royalties etc. New art can be done here or like for like

Realms NFT DAO and multi sig. Creation of on chain voting and treasuries so that when your project remints it's handled and managed by the DAO and it's subsequent leadership/Council

What is the Sanctuary?

We empower community-led DAOs with the tools and resources they need to take over and decentralized abandoned or rugged projects.

It is important to note that the Sanctuary does not take over your project, rather, we provide the tools, and service to remint. e.g. building your reloader and DAO tools, the rest is up to you and your community!

What will we do with the DAO funds?

This is entirely up to your DAO, you can build staking systems, you can pay members for work, you can make art, the sky is the limit.  

If you have an idea, be vocal, this is your opportunity to build in the Solana ecosystem.

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