Welcome to Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a DAO dedicated to providing resources, community, organization, to Solana NFT communities that have been rugged, abandoned, or otherwise broken.

About the Sanctuary

Our Mission

Sanctuary is a cultural structure created to house and form independent DAO’s by joining, building, and reconnecting community. The overall purpose is to create a broad and very inclusive community. We prioritize simplicity, honest, and transparency while providing a resource for people who are victims of projects that have rugged or abandoned their efforts.

Our community works in service of creating a cultural agreement that prioritizes people over profit and community over individual greed.

Sanctuary is a home to any community that is seeking refuge, agency, and control.

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The Sanctuary

Derug Roadmap

Initiate, Educate, Prepare, & Vote

Phase I

Phase I is the most crucial and most difficult part of your derug journey. This is where the vast majority of projects fail to derug. We can provide guidance & technology to help you on this journey, but, only you & your community can make it successful

Organize, elect, &DAO-up

Phase II

Phase II is when you create the fundamental basis of your DAO. This phase is where you elect your leaders, multisig holders, and build the foundation of your new & rug-proof project. This is where you establish trust amongst your community members.

Remint, Entangle, build the future

Phase III

Phase III is the beginning of your community's journey. This is the fun part: reclamation. Put your NFT through the Entangler and become one of the very few truly decentralized communities on Solana. Work with your community on a roadmap, build lore, and enjoy the fruits of your collective investment.

Sanctuary FAQ

Do I have to remint my original NFT?

No, the Entangler is an entirely participatory process. This means you can wait to Entangle your NFT until you're sure of the value-add it provides. The things your DAO builds will only benefit Entangled versions though.

Keep in mind that some collections may delist the unentangled versions as they still send royalties to ruggers, this means you will have to Entangle to sell, but, until you're ready to sell, there isn't necessarily a need to do so.

How do we join the Sanctuary as a community?

Join our Discord server and review our derug roadmap!

How long until we can revive our community?

This will be based upon how efficiently your DAO and community can get organized and begin voting on proposals Your elected core team are meant to be the pillars of your community, this means that if they are occupied with another project or other commitments the timeline may increase.

If you're redoing your art then the reminting process may take longer depending on art complexity.

What is the Sanctuary?

We empower community-led DAOs with the tools and resources they need to take over and decentralized abandoned or rugged projects.

It is important to note that the Sanctuary does not take over your project, rather, we provide the tools, expertise, and guidance for your community to start building its own future.

What will we do with the DAO funds?

This is entirely up to your DAO, you can build staking systems, you can pay members for work, you can make art, the sky is the limit.  

If you have an idea, be vocal, this is your opportunity to build in the Solana ecosystem.

Why join Sanctuary?

We possess the tools, resources, and refined expertise that come with performing a task over time. There are, currently, no projects that compete with our unique toolset, experience, and guidance when it comes to Solana NFTs and Solana DAOs. We are on the cutting edge of technology, and, have a strong organizational ethos directed towards community empowerment and decentralization.

Read our about page for more information on the problems we solve, our milestones, and our team.

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Sanctuary Goals

Our Roadmap


build the sanctuary

Grow and develop in a perpetual feedback loop to develop robust community and overall health.


Refine DAO onboarding

Improve the onboarding processes for projects, DAO’s or communities seeking Sanctuary.


Establish DAO Tools

Improve the features, UI/UX, cost, and accessibility of our remint & DAO tooling technologies.


DAO & NFT Education

Create a robust education system that allows for newcomers and veterans alike to learn with a low barrier of entry.


acquire talent

Strengthen the core of our DAO with a roster of talented and dedicated individuals to improve the Upper DAO.



Become the haven for all rugged, broken, & abandoned Solana NFT projects.


expand toolset

Continue to expand our toolset beyond the Entangler for a myriad of options to help rug victims & communities.



Build a network of trust allies to leverage one another to grow the overall ecosystem’s trust.


Open-source everything

As we develop new tech we hope to distribute it to our sub-DAOs and then open-source it to be improved upon.

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